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To Increase Confidence, Empower Ourselves, and Inspire Women Everywhere!
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Why is Kick Ass Red Lipstick Awesome? Find out how this works...
We are a Women's Empowerment group hell-bent on leaving our mark in a colorless world. We support each other in a society where women can often be catty, vicious creatures. 

Kick Ass Red Lipstick is something you can belong to that is just for you, something that gives you permission to be a sassy version of yourself, a hand in the dark, a new legacy.

What can Kick Ass Red Lipstick do for me? Our foundation is built around the idea of bringing women through the process of embracing themselves as the most important creature in their lives. We do that using lipstick. 

Many women come to us refusing to wear lipstick, and slowly transition from lip balm to crimson red. We see women start to walk taller, dress in a manner that reflects who they are, quit their go-nowhere jobs and boyfriends, and step out, as new women.

Why would I start a Kick Ass Red Lipstick chapter in my own city? What would it mean to you to lead a group of women into a world filled with adventure and vibrant new hues? We have chapters in the United States and Canada.

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